Gardasil injections

London Gynaecology Clinic offers Gardasil, which is a vaccine against human Papilloma virus. If you have not been sexually active, this can be administered to a woman of any age. If you have been sexually active, we recommend checking your current HPV status first.

HPV subtyping

Worldwide, it is estimated that 70% of cases of invasive cervical cancer can be attributed to infection with HPV-16 or HPV-18. Technology now exists to accurately subtype HPV infections, which gives rise to the possibility of triaging women with HPV-16/18, who are at higher risk of malignancy, to immediate colposcopy.

London Gynaecology Clinic patients, friends, staff and even celebrities visiting clinic encourages ALL women to protect themselves from HPV virus and have their Smear Test done as soon as possible!